UK Help for Ukrainians 🇺🇦➡️🇬🇧
Since the outbreak of the conflict, Ukraine2UK has been helping Ukrainians fleeing the war to find safety, and providing logistical and material aid to the humanitarian effort in Warsaw and Ukraine. 


April 2024

BBQ gathering of Ukrainians in Great Ayton, North Yorkshire

December 2023

Festive gathering of Ukrainians at the International Centre, Middlesbrough

June 2023

Sponsored gatherings of Ukrainians are held in North Yorkshire for purposes of social support and integration. 

May 2023

Donated clothing package arrives to Warsaw from the UK. 

March 2023

Volunteers at our sponsored desk continue to assist with logistical support and travel advice.

December 2022

Donated winter weather clothing package arrives to Warsaw from the UK. 

August 2022

Volunteers at our sponsored desk continue to assist with logistical support and travel advice.

July 2022

Volunteers from the United Kingdom work with Ukrainian volunteers to assist with visa support and translation. Over 50 families have now been assisted in finding safe temporary accommodation in the UK. 

June 2022

The sponsored desk at Warsaw Central Station continues to meet and greet arrivals from across the Ukraine border. 

May 2022

Further sponsored supplies are delivered to the humanitarian aid tents for exhausted Ukrainians.

April 2022

Reverends from the community of North Yorkshire visit the sponsored information desk in Warsaw to provide moral support. 

March 2022

Sponsored supplies arrive to the humanitarian tents at Warsaw Station.

Мені потрібен спонсор

Якщо вам потрібне житло у Великобританії, будь ласка, зареєструйтеся, або зверніться до нас на Центральному вокзалі Варшави 

If you need housing in the UK please register interest using the button below, or ask for us at Warsaw Central Station.

If you can offer a home

Якщо ви пропонуєте будинок для українців натисніть кнопку нижче, щоб надати інформацію, яка допоможе знайти відповідність

If you are offering a home for Ukrainians, click the button below to provide information to help with matching.

Other ways to help

Народ Великої Британії може підтримувати Україну у такі способи, які виходять за межі розміщення сім’ї. Ось декілька пропозицій.

The people of Britain can help Ukrainians in ways outside of hosting a family. Here are some suggestions. 

Загальні питання

Якщо у вас виникли запитання щодо життя у Великобританії або про те, як туди подорожувати, ви можете скористатися цією формою.

If you have any general question about life in the UK, or how to travel there after getting your visa, you may use this form.