Write to Your MP

Whether hosting a Ukrainian family, raising funds to support the Ukrainian refugee effort, or supporting local activities for Ukrainians, it can be helpful to communicate closely with MPs and local authorities.

Checking the status of applications

At present, there continues to be no accurate way to track visa applications. While confirmation (tracking) codes are provided upon application, in most cases, the government has provided no facility for applicants or NGOs to use these. This increases the anxiety and uncertainty experienced by at-risk Ukrainians waiting for visas.

The application guidance specifies that "applications are normally processed in date order"
but there have been great variations in processing time, from days to weeks, and even months.

Some sponsors have contacted their Member of Parliament, who has successfully been able to check the status of an application, and possibly even to expedite it.

As such, we would encourage all sponsors to write to their MPs to highlight the problems posed by a system that does not allow tracking of applications, and to provide them with confirmation numbers for visas currently being processed so that they can be checked. You may find your MP's contact details here: https://members.parliament.uk/members/commons

Please contact us if you would like discuss other issues with the visa process that might be raised, or for advice on contacting your MP and a letter template.